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ITAI Weekly Middle East Report

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Dear Board Members, Members, Donors and Friends:

American naivete is reflected in the Obama administration’s hope to “engage with Iran .”  It is simply a case of trying to engage someone who is bent on killing and hopes for martyrdom.

Iran under the Ayatollahs make not appear as suicidal as Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad or Hamas, but its ultimate goal is the same, to destroy the “Great Satan” i.e. America .

As a state rather than a mere terrorist organization Iran has created an Islamic terrorist web aimed at wiping out western interests in the Middle East and beyond.  Iran has used the cover of terrorist groups such as Hezbollah to cover itself.

It is high time for the Obama administration to realize than engaging (Islamist) terrorists is an oxymoron. And, that Iran being a terrorist sponsoring state along with Syria cannot be talked out of its messianic aims.

In this ITAI WEEKLY MIDDLE EAST REPORT we are once again dealing with Iran under the title FIGTHING ISLAMIC TERRORISM PRECLUDES ENGAGEMENT..  And, we are hoping that president Obama will finally look at reality in the face.


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